The theory of bCd
A trip to India was the reason for me to portray, in just three letters and in a concise and simple manner, the description of the course we follow through-out our lives. Anup, a warm-hearted person who I met there, demonstrated an allegorical approach to the alphabet. "Translate" the first letters: We accept the letter "A" as the beginning of everything and we move on to the next three ones. He explained to me that the letter "C" is not accidentally positioned between "B" and "D". "B" symbolizes "Birth", "D" symbolizes "Death" and the letter "C", among them, represents "Choice". Anup's allegory shows that, from the beginning to the end of our lives, the choice is ours. We choose the path for the journey of our lives. Every line starts from a point. We choose how far our "line" will reach.

My "C", my choice, is to paint and to create. I choose, through art, to achieve inner balance. I choose so as my way of life to give importance to aesthetics, to people, to the environment, to animals and to the whole of nature. The letter "C" is unique for each one and it is our decision how we will manage it.

What is your "C"?
About Chara Bogiatzi
Chara Bogiatzi was born in 1971 in Athens where she lives and works. She holds a university degree from the "Department of Fine and Applied Arts" from the University of Western Macedonia (Lifelong Learning Programme), studying alongside teachers such as: Sofia Kyriakou, Giannis Ziogas, Giannis Kastritsis, Demosthenes Avramidis, Vasilis Bouzas, Aris Mavromatis, Apostolos Papanikolaou. She has completed the five-year workshop entitled "Ilioupolis Art Workshop" having as teachers the following: Marianna Katsoulidi and Nikolas Klironomos. She has also attended the training programme focused on "Aesthetics as Creation" at the Department of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

She has also participated in various exhibitions and projects including the following: Group Exhibitions “The Art Box Project”: Zurich August 2020, Barcelona March 2020, New York March 2018, Basel June 2017, “Myro Gallery" Thessaloniki September 2017, "Museum of National Resistance" Ilioupoli July 2017, “Art Az, Surprise” Keramikos November 2016, "Owl Art Space” Acropolis September 2014 and many more. She has also illustrated the cover for the collection of poems "The Purple Man" by the poet N. Andrikopoulou, published by Gavriilidis Publications.

Contact Details

Tel.: 6948254611
E-mail: chara.bog@gmail.com
Instagram: @chara_gallery